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General Conditions

- When placing your order, you agree to have read and agree to the general terms and conditions of payment.
- Van Helden Relatiegeschenken keeps itself the right to change { delivery and/or payment terms } following the expiry of the term.
- If you receive items that you did not order, please inform Van Helden Relatiegeschenken.
- Inaccuracies of information should also be reported immediately.

Offers and establishment of agreements
- An offer or quotation from Van Helden is not binding and it serves only as an invitation to place an order by the client.
- An agreement is only concluded if and insofar Van Helden accepts an order from the client, in writing or by Van Helden is implemented, unless the client prove by other means that Van Helden has fully and unconditionally accepted the order of the client. If Van Helden performs any request before full agreement on the price and payment terms, the client will pay Van Helden for it in accordance with applicable rates from Van Helden.

All prices Van Helden are expressed in Euros (VAT excluded), unless otherwise stated. (Printing) tests, the cost of packaging, shipping, the cost of import and export duties and excise taxes, and all (other) levies or taxes imposed or levied in respect of any performance are included in the prise, unless the latest version of Van Helden's, brochures, price lists or other promotional material or unless otherwise expressly agreed.

Quantity Rebate
- When goods worth € 1200, - or more: there will be 4% extra discount on the amount of goods
- When goods worth € 2.500,- or more: there will be 6% extra discount on the amount of goods.
- This discount does not apply to Parker, Waterman, Rotring, Sheaffer, Cross, playing cards, custom made items, action items, promotions and net prices

Setup costs
€ 33,50 per item ordered, per print color and per text, unless otherwise stated. Excl. VAT.

- Franco delivers to one address (ground floor) in the Netherlands. For orders with a goods amount below € 200, - we charge € 17,50
- In several articles, it is not possible to deliver the right numbers. 10% more or less delivery is allowed here.

Costs of sample shipments
It is possible to request for a sample of a desired article. If this post shipping does not fit through a letterbox we charge € 7.50 (excl. VAT) for shipping.

Transport Insurance
On all orders that we need to send, we will charge 1% of transport insurance.

Price guarantee
- Van Helden guarantees that prices will not be increased within the duration of catalogs or leaflets, unless legal measures are necessary.
- At www.vanhelden.nl you will always find the lowest price. Van Helden is not liable for any misprints.

Van Helden can quickly supply from stock by high inventory levels. It can happen that an item is out of stock temporarily. In that case you will be notified. Reported delivery times are indicative and does not create any right or liability.

- To serve you with the best service and competitive offers, your personal and/or business information will be included in the customer system of Van Helden Relatiegeschenken.
- If you do not want this to happen, you can let us simply know by: e-mail info@vanhelden.nl or by contacting our sales advisors: 0344 - 640 250. Moreover we use your information to perform the contract and risk management. You are entitled to access and correct your information.

Privacy on the Internet
- Your (temporary) IP address will be automatically recognized, when you visit the website www.vanhelden.nl. This data will only be stored for analysis to optimize: functionality, pages visited, ordered items and content of the site. 
- Cookies are only stored on your computer in order to increase the ease of use and will not be used for any other purpose.

- Van Helden only use e-mail addresses which are specified directly. Uw email address will be used for marketing or service purposes.
- If you do not want this to happen, you can let us simply know by: email info@vanhelden.nl or by contacting our sales advisors: 0344 - 640 250.
- We never provide email addresses to third parties for commercial purposes.

Other information
- We store and use all the information that you voluntarily provide through our website, for marketing and service purposes. When you provide us with your contact information through our site, you can periodically receive selective mailings and catalogs.
- If you do not want this to happen, you can let us simply know by: email info@vanhelden.nl or by contacting our sales advisors: 0344 - 640 250.

Usage of your logo in brochures / internet
It may happen that we use your personal logo (for the printing) digital (as an example logo) at the presentation of our products. Your logo can therefore be on various items in brochures, catalogs and on our website (s). Should you not wish to give permission for this, please make this known via the contact form.

Change of address
You are required to inform Van Helden of a change of address. As long as Van Helden has not received a change of address, you will be deemed to be housed at the address known by Van Helden. You will remain liable for the ordered items to the old address are delivered.

- All payments must be made no later than the last day of the agreed payment through free remittance or in cash and without offsetting and without deduction or deductions for which the day of payment credit note or other agreement of Van Helden held by the client. If no payment has been agreed, the client will be charged the amount invoiced to him, in the currency specified on the invoice, within 21 days after the invoice date to pay Van Helden.
- Any objections to invoices, specifications, descriptions and prices must be notified in writing to Van Helden within 8 days.  If this is not possible due to any cause not attributable to the client, the client shall notify its objections as soon as reasonably possible in writing to Van Helden.
- The client is, without further notice, on any amounts not paid by the last day of the payment from that day interest equal to the then applicable statutory rate in the Netherlands.
- If the client,  after the expiry of a registered letter, has not paid the the amount due and interest, the client is obliged to compensate Van Helden all judicial and extrajudicial costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees in proceedings or otherwise, to compensate.

Term of delivery
The delivery period quoted by Van Helden for products and/or period for the provision of services is based on the force at the time of concluding the contract for Van Helden conditions and to the extent dependent on the performance of third parties, by the information provided by those third parties. The term of delivery and/or performance period will be observed as much as possible by Van Helden

Delivery and Risk
The delivery takes place on the ground floor of only one address, which is defined as the place from which is supplied by or on behalf Van Helden. Delivery of the products shall be deemed to have occurred; Shipping through a commercial carrier: the transfer of the products to professional carrier; if the products are picked up by or on behalf of: by taking delivery of the products; Shipping a vehicle Van Helden; by delivery to the specified by the principal veins. From the time of delivery the products to the customer's risk. The normal transport risk is always at the client. If necessary, the client must insure.

Ownership of the products, notwithstanding the actual delivery, pass to the client after it has fully, which he holds by virtue of agreement delivered or deliverables owed to Van Helden is or will be, it also included the purchase price , possible under these Conditions or the contract surcharges, interest, taxes and fees as well as any made pursuant to such agreement or to be performed. When complete, (provisional) suspension of payments or bankruptcy client will immediately bailiff, administrator or trustee of the (property) rights of Van Helden.

Intellectual property
Copyright designed by Van Helden, or established sketches, drawings, lithographs, plates, photographs, models, etc., remain at all times vested with her, even if the client at that an order is subject positioned and financial to be derived from its obligations have been fulfilled.

Inspection and advertising
Client is obliged to have inspected the products immediately upon arrival at the place of destination or, if earlier, upon receipt by himself or by a third party acting on its behalf. Any complaints about defects in the products that are due to material or manufacturing defects, and differences in quantity, weight, composition or quality between the products delivered and the corresponding data on the order confirmation and / or invoice must be notified to Van Helden in writing within 8 days of arrival. Defects that could not reasonably be detected within the aforementioned period must be reported to Van Helden, in writing, immediately after discovery but no later than 30 days after arrival of the goods. The client is not allowed to return, before Van Helden has agreed in writing. Products The costs of returning are at cost of the client and the products remain his responsibility.

If timely and correct complained, in the reasonable judgment of Van Helden has satisfactorily demonstrated that the products are unsound, Van Helden will have the choice either proved to replace the defective products free of charge, upon return of the faulty products or repair the products properly. Van Helden can also offer the client a fix grant discount on the purchase price in concert. By fulfilling one of the above-mentioned Van Helden respect of its guarantee obligations will be fully discharged and Van Helden will to any further (damage) compensation are held.

Liability and indemnification
- Van Helden is not liable for any indirect damages of the client to third parties, including consequential damages (like lost revenues or profits), material damage, business or environment damage.
- De liability of Van Helden against the client on any account whatsoever per event (whereby a connected series of events as one event) to the person (excluding VAT). If no contract may be designated, Van Helden's liability is limited to the amount they receive in respect of its liability insurer. This limitation of liability shall not apply when such damage is caused by intent or gross negligence of Van Helden or her top management personnel or that Van Helden's liability resulting from mandatory applicable law under product.

Typesetting, printing or other tests
- The Client is obliged to move or not received by him at the request of Van Helden, printing or other proofs carefully for errors and / or failures to check and correct it in such case expeditiously or approved return. Approval of the trials by client is an acknowledgment of the fact that Van Helden correctly and timely carried out the work of the tests prior to the work carried out correctly and timely. Van Helden is not liable for defects, errors and defects that have been approved by the principal or corrected proofs unnoticed.
- Each made at the express request of the client test will be charged in addition to the agreed price, unless it is expressly agreed that the costs of these tests are included in the price.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
All Van Helden agreements is governed by Dutch law. Unless national or international regulations prescribe otherwise, it will be judged y de designated parties in Arnhem.

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